Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What is Graphic Design - Part Three Graphisms Nebojsa Cvetkovic

 Throw elegance out of the window because being rustic is so much better. These hand drawn typographic posters by Nebojsa Cvetkovic really communicate originality, the naive illustrations and use of just black and red make these 3 posters really distinguished in style. I like the roughness of the type and the fact that not every letter is 100% accurate, the lines are bristly and the illustrations aren't exactly life like but this is what adds personality to each one.

If i had to pick one aspect of the posters that i need to carry forward into my own work it would definitely be to use less colours. As I've noticed less is more especially in terms of design, i just need to start putting that into practice.

Overall, the posters mainly attracted my attention because of the statements behind them. I like working with words and lyrics and these short sentences really pack alot of impact. Short snappy quotes that stick in your mind.